Film Theory in Media History
Media and Communication
Maryse Elliott
Permanent Seminar on Histories of Film Theories
Vinzenz Hediger, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
Weihong Bao, University of California, Berkeley United States
Trond Lundemo, Stockholm University, Sweden
Geografische scope:
North America; Europe
Chronological scope:
20th and 21st centuries
Media History; Translations

FTMH logo green lightFilm Theory in Media History explores the epistemological and theoretical foundations of the study of film through texts by classical authors as well as anthologies and monographs on key issues and developments in film theory. 
Adopting a historical perspective, but with a firm eye to the further development of the field, the series provides a platform for ground-breaking new research into film theory and media history and features high-profile editorial projects that offer resources for teaching and scholarship. Combining the book form with open access online publishing the series reaches the broadest possible audience of scholars, students, and other readers with a passion for film and theory.

Editorial Board Members:
- Dudley Andrew, Yale University, United States
- Raymond Bellour, CNRS Paris, France
- Chris Berry, King's College London, United Kingdom
- Francesco Casetti, Yale University, New Haven, United States
- Thomas Elsaesser, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
- Jane Gaines, Columbia University, United States
- André Gaudreault, University of Montréal, Canada
- Gertrud Koch, Free University of Berlin, Germany
- John MacKay, Yale University, United States
- Markus Nornes, University of Michigan, United States
- Patricia Pisters, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
- Leonardo Quaresima, University of Udine, Italy
- David Rodowick, University of Chicago, United States
- Philip Rosen, Brown University, United States
- Petr Szczepanik, Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic
- Brian Winston, Lincoln University, United Kingdom

Proposals Welcome:

The series welcomes scholarly monographs and edited volumes in English by both established and early-career researchers. 

Proposals for should kindly follow the standard AUP Proposal format and should also include the envisaged table of contents or overview of the volume and abstracts of the proposed chapters or articles. 

Further Information:
For questions or to submit a proposal, contact Maryse Elliott (Commissioning Editor Media & Communication) via

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